January 10, 2009

A Bad Tip is Worth a Thousand Four-Letter Words

For anyone working in the restaurant biz, you can totally relate to this article. For those who do not, take a peak at the, often, harsh realities of what people in this industry go through. This has to be one of the greatest rants I’ve ever read on this neglected issue.

Warning, please put the kids to bed before reading.



Trish said...

This is too flipping funny. I always knew I was in trouble when a "guest" would make a point to say that they were "good tippers." We are good tippers but you never hear us bragging about it. Sheesh.

wordsfromcara said...

Okay, what does this guy REALLY think about a-hole non-tippers!? That is HYSTERICAL and your blog is a gem, Chris! You have a really talent for writing, commenting on everything from olives to cute caterpillars and somehow making us love food as much as you do! Thanks for sharing!

Cresencio Alexander said...

Thanks Cara! I am incredibly flattered.