October 29, 2009

I've Got Worms!

So I don't know what the deal is, but it is getting a little carried away. Is there some sort of insect faction against me? Do they have secret bug meetings underground, fueling a revolution? Do they plot my demise?

First it was the fly in my hot and sour soup. Then it was the worm in my tomatillo. Today, it is a maggot in my FiberONE Oats and Apple Streusal Chewy Bar.

Now I get it. I understand that pests are inevitable. I've encountered plenty in various produce. BUT IN A PREPACKAGED PRODUCT!?!?!?!

I couldn't just let this go, so I took to the web and gave the interns at General Mills a piece of my mind (as politely and professionally as a worm in your chewy bar would allow).


Dear General Mills,

I opened a Fiber ONE Chewy Bar (Oats and Apple Streusel) to have as a snack at work, when I found a maggot crawling out of the bar. I can reason with finding critters in produce, but finding one that is still alive in a packaged product makes me question your sanitation standards. I snapped a picture of the intruder if you'd like to see it. However, I implore you to inspect your products a little closer before sending out.

General Mills:

Dear Mr. Estrada:

Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding your recent disappointment with Fiber One oats and apple streusel bars. We know it would be unpleasant to find insects in any food product and we are sorry you had this experience.

Consumer satisfaction is our main goal, and we set very high standards for every item we produce. In order to achieve these standards, our manufacturing process is designed to eliminate risk of infestation. Although modern processing and packaging methods reduce the possibility of infestation at the plant level, products may be exposed to infestation in transit or during storage. We believe food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are equally conscientious in protecting the product; however, there are many types of insects that attack foods. In the larvae or adult stage, some can bore their way into tightly sealed packages and enter the product during transportation and storage. Entrance holes are very small and difficult to see. You can be assured that our Quality Department has been notified of your report.

We will be sending an adjustment for your purchase to your mailing address. You should receive it within 15 business days.

We appreciate that you have brought this to our attention. We will carefully review all the information and follow up through all channels of distribution. We hope you will continue to choose our products.


Consumer Services

Ok, ok, ok...they promptly replied to my message, I'll give them that. And chances are, they do have a sanitation and inspection procedure in place. But unless these maggots have little pocket knives, I highly doubt they're able to "bore their way into tightly sealed packages and enter the product during transportation and storage." Sure, don't take responsibility GM. For all I know, you are with the bug revolution that stands against me! Well played bugs...well played.

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